Reclaiming the lost turf. Resurrecting the Leaders of Nationalistic Disposition.

History does belong to the victor. This got amply visible in the recently organized commemoration of the legend of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookherjee whose death and birth anniversaries do fall within a fortnight (June 23rd – July 6th).

An elaborate exhibition on his life and works was curated by a foundation in his name at the Teen Murti Bhawan, which has so far been the seat of the Nehruvian legacy in post independence era.

Directed by Dr. Anirban Ganguly, this exhibition along with a series of talks and seminars on the life & vision of Dr. Mookherjee, has certainly signalled the advent of a new ideological era in the country, controlled & championed by the nationalists.

Here is a collection of the exhibition plates which shall present to our readers some of the lesser known aspects of yet another great personality of mother India. A ReTHINK is somewhere surely in the air.


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