An ode to Neiphiu Rio’s Leadership by Visa Kiewhuo

The Chief Minister of Nagaland, Shri Neiphiu Rio addressing at the inauguration of the World Bamboo Day function, at Kisama Heritage Village, in Kohima, Nagaland on September 18, 2010.

The Democratic people of Nagaland are confounded with a loud bang with the news of the suspension of the giant NPF leader Neiphiu Rio from the party.

Even measured with the yardstick of politics as a dirty game, many will think it as a monstrous injustice and immoral.
Founder member of the Naga People’s Front party and three times Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio was the ultimate force behind the rise of the near moribund NPF, the anointed one that he was, which everybody ‘knows’.

But the suspension was down with proper application of mind. Of which the higher instinct of human mind find it very hard to understand and its powerful effort to find proper application finds nothing appealing.

How far, how good for the NPF party. NPF party is the much beloved party of the Nagas and good governance is expected of the party by the Nagas, for the Nagas. But, its prospect is now to be seen in the days ahead and coming years; without a cohesive party with ‘head hunting within the family’. Bewilderment fills the psyche of its party workers.

Charisma is the watchword and attribute of a good leader. Any and every political party needs a charismatic leader and unity within the party to carry it forwards to a winning point.

NPF reconciliation has become a litany of thought and it revolves around a vacuum, trust failed the party to its core. The NPF party have now become a party unsure of itself, ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’, echoes hard in the psyche of the Naga voters.

Is it lust for power or greed for money that political leaders have become so annoyingly patronizing of each other or is it both that they are not condescending and accommodative with a sense of gratitude to its voters’ welfare.

Good leadership distinguish himself with ‘purposive’ mind ability to ‘see straighter’ and think harder than his contemporaries, dive deep into complexities of an issue so that he would arrive at his decision with a sense of confidence and in rightness of his conclusion. That good leader is sir. Neiphiu Rio.

That NPF is a beloved party we wish to see it for long time in power. That intellectual arrogance and unconscious assumption of superiority of some people who walk in reverse doesn’t deter a good leader.

We do not need prophetic men but by own consciousness of right and wrong guess that Sir Neiphiu Rio will go on political Sabbath with his suspension than politics would have no meaning.
This is in solidarity with one of our greatest leaders.

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