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Learning Ambience Survey 2018 :: Acoustics Tool Kit

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With a view to draw the attention of the larger academic community specially the one catering to the onerous task of learning at the school level, towards the nuanced dimension of Learning Ambience as a key ingredient to bolster Learning Outcomes, ReTHINK INDIA has instituted a Learning Ambience Survey 2018, spanning across the Smart Cities and other Premiere eduDESTINATIONS of the country. Details of which can be found at www.rethinkindia.in/ambience. The top seeding schools across each of these cities shall be felicitated with Sir C V Raman Award for Applied Physics on National Technology Day 11th of May, 2018. The participating schools have been asked to constitute a Task Force Headed by their HOD Physics supported by the students of class 11th, 9th and 7th to undertake an empirical self-assessment of their Learning Ambience based on the Learning Ambience Survey Tool Kit.
Appreciating, Designing & Delivering the Ambience of any space, is essentially an architectural facet. This becomes all the more nuanced and pronounced in the wake of learning spaces designed for the young learners. ReTHINK INDIA is thereby extending this quest to empirically measure the Learning Ambience of Learning Spaces to its rightful custodians – the architectural colleges whom we are seeking to be a part of the Learning Ambience Challenge 2018, which presents a unique opportunity to students of Architecture to a measurement & evidence based design paradigm.
Institutes interested to participate in the Learning Ambience Challenge 2018 are expected to assign a Senior Faculty Member of Architecture as the Project In-Charge under whom teams of 3 students each would have to be constituted.  Ideally 8-10 teams from an Architectural School can be engaged. Each of these teams would have to undergo the on-ground Learning Ambience Measurements at 3 Schools of their choice. They are to engage with the School Management in the overall precept of Learning Ambience as a dominant constituent of Learning Outcomes, enrol them into the practice and handhold the School Level Taskforce in undertaking the detailed measurements as per the process delineated in the Learning Ambience Survey Tool Kit. The Student Teams are also encouraged to come out with Analytical Papers listing down the key gap areas and also recommendations for fixing the same. They can in a way initiate their professional journey in evaluating an existing space & consulting for its fixing.
Architectural Colleges participating in this challenge shall be felicitated during The Learning Forum 2018 based on the level of their participation. Each of the Student Members shall be issued a Certificate of Participation to this effect as well. The top ranking consulting papers shall also be felicitated at The Learning Forum 2018.
Institutions can express their interest to participate here by filling in the details of their Faculty-In Charge and the Student Teams interested to be a part of the Learning Ambience Challenge 2018.
In case you have any further query/clarification, you are most welcome to contact our Director Relationships Dr. Surbhi Vaish (M: 9910050597 | 0120-6529555)

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