Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports Sri Vijay Goel calls upon the Futuristic Schools of India to incorporate the essential spirit of sports in their teaching learning process

In a message released in the backdrop of the forthcoming National Convention of Futuristic Schools of India 2017, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports called upon the schools to incorporate the essential spirit of sports in order to nurture their pupils to meet the futuristic challenges of life.

The Minister in his impelling message expressed his desire that Architecting the new-age educational ecosystem of India would warrant for the incorporation of sports as an integral element of the curriculum as it gives an uncanny resilience and capability of taking on the vagaries of life as it comes.

He reiterated that the inculcation of the much avowed sportsman spirit in each student needs to be a key learning outcome of India’s multi-layered educational ecosystem.

The complete message of the Hon’ble Minister is as under.



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