HRD Minister calls upon the Higher Educational Institutions to take a lead in defining & determining the National Discourse

In a message issued on the occasion of eduINDIA 2016 – a mega eduCONGREGATION being convened by ReTHINK INDIA on the forthcoming 18th of October, the Hon’ble HRD Minister called upon the Higher Educational Institutions to take a lead in defining & determining the National Discourse.


He reiterated that India’s ascendance on the Global pedestal is so very critically dependent on the empowerment of its human resources to which the role & relevance of its Higher Education Sector assumes immense importance which shall require in-depth churning of ideas and sharing of best practices.

The Minister affirmed that it has been a continuous effort on part of Ministry of Human Resource Development to make education a dominant national narrative whereby the Higher Educational Institutions do take a lead in defining & determining the national discourse by way of quality research, innovation & training.

Mr. Javadekar emphasized that the invaluable human capital which we have on our higher education campuses need to be chiseled & nurtured in due synchronization with national priorities.

He went on to reminisce his student days by asserting that They say students have all the time & energy of the world. If channelized properly, this mammoth force can work wonders. 

The Minister expressed his firm confidence that the Private Educational Institutions of the country would rise up to the occasion as well and would upend their teaching-learning processes for national resurgence.

He also expressed his hope that India shall emerge as a global eduDESTINATION in times to come as a result of these bhagirathi efforts & experiments going across the country. 

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