Galvanizing for 2017 :: BJP’s Electoral War Strategy & Expansion of Team Base

Electioneering & Governance remain the perpetual seesaw for an aspirational political disposition. After having captured the reigns of power, the Bharatiya Janta Party is not letting it easy. It’s treating every single electoral battlefield as a serious contest and is formulating adequate strategies to address the political challenge as well as meeting the aspirations of the people.
Five states, including Goa, would go to polls by early 2017 and another two, including Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, by December 2017.
BJP aspires to retain Gujarat and take out Himachal from the Congress hold where the incumbent is in power by a slight margin.
Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Manipur and Uttarakhand are the other 4 major states that shall go to poll in early 2017. BJP is keen to win UP and Uttarakhand and retain Punjab.
Manipur can be put onto a serious contest cascading the spectacular victory in Assam. The creation of the North-East Democratic Alliance under the stewardship of Himanta Biswas Sharma would somewhere help the cause of creating the right strategies out there.

Regarding the Punjab frontier, the top leadership of the party that it envisages to contest elections on its own. The decade long BJP-Shiromani Akali Dal alliance, is thereby expected to continue with the hope of winning over on the development turf leaving aside the factors of anti-incumbency and the menace of the subject matter of “Udta Punjab”. The systemic reigning in of the emerging AAP would somewhere help the ruling disposition whereby BJP somewhere aspires to take the role of a senior partner.

The party supremo Amit Shah has put in place a grand strategy for UP whereby he shall continue to extensively tour Uttar Pradesh to galvanize the party cadre. He intends to reach out to non-Jatav Dalits as well as non-Yadav OBCs and hope for a consolidated upper caste vote in party’s favour breaking the closely guarded vote-banks of SP and BSP combine.

The proposed cabinet reshuffle as well as changes in party are being carefully crafted to reflect this reaching out by inclusion of more OBC and Dalit faces. At present none of the 39 office bearers is from the Dalit background. The party is yet to take a call on the chief ministerial candidate on the battle ground of UP. It’s still in the discussion, whether the party needs one or not. The candidature of the other Gandhi from Sultanpur, seems dismal. Smriti Irani’s feisty nature is a key currency but her frequent spats and dismal performance on the MHRD front, evades the spotlight from her. The most credible and capable face emerges as that of the Home Minister, but would it suit well amidst the multi-dimensional caste equations, remains to be seen.

The two term anti-incumbency in Goa is again a challenge to confront with. But the political presence of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would somewhere help create a three cornered contest, which the party believes to sail through comfortably.

The impending Cabinet reshuffle would aim at expanding the team base at the top. The big four – Finance, External Affairs, Defence and Home – are unlikely to be touched. Howsoever, there could be changes in other ministries. The speculations are on, but the commander-in-chief has his own design closer to his heart which shall entail as to how the country is governed in times to come.

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