Yet another institute to fix the menace of environmental pollution

Prakash Javadekar

Taking refuge in the conventional motifs of governance whereby committees, commissions and institutions are handed over the murky obligations, Minister of State for Environment, Forests and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar, has been convinced for the establishment of a Pollution Research Institute, which will examine all pollution-relation matters. Though, the plan for the institute is only in the conception stage as clarified by the minister.

Well armed with a whopping Rs 40,000 crores from the CAMPA Fund, the Ministry would be on an investment overdrive. What better than to propose some innocuous institutions? It’s all the more surprising in the wake of the decision of the Finance Ministry to have a revisit on the scope and relevance of the various autonomous institutions under various Ministries.

While addressing a two day conference of Chairmen and Member Secretaries of Pollution Control Boards and Pollution Control Committees, the minister emphasized on the need for a more responsive approach, urging for greater participation from states in efforts to combat pollution. He reiterated Centre’s determination to be tough on those flouting pollution-control norms. The policy of making environmental violation an expensive affairs seem to be the proposed way out.

The minister suggested the organization of such meets every six months.

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