Indian teleconsultation platforms driving global traffic 

With over 1,10,000 patients in over 160 countries relying on its teleconsultation services in 80 specialities, Coimbatore  based iCliniq has got a network of  1100 doctors to serve. 

The consultations are given over chat/message, voice call and video call whereby the numbers of both the doctors and the patients are connected by the platform to ensure privacy and control over the consultation process. 

Dhruv Suyamprakasam, the founder of iCliniq, takes pride in claiming that native Americans and Britons do rely on the platform to undergo consultations typically in the areas of dermatology, paediatrics, gynaecology and pshyciatry. This feeds 70% revenue stream of the platform.

To ensure the quality of consulting doctors, the platform insists that the participating doctors log-on only on a part time basis so that they can keep honing their skills and experience from offline practice. 

The expanse of the teleconsultation services is a welcome move which allows quality timely advice and treatment at the click of a button. 

Currently, on a free ride, whether this emerging sector would need to be regulated to ensure its integrity in the longer run, would remain to be seen.

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